Boredom Busters 2021

Outdoor adventures, science experiments and team building tasks made Boredom Busters 2021 a great success! 

This summer, Boredom Busters provided a fun learning environment where children were able to develop key skills, try new activities and socialise with peers.  

After a challenging year, the summer club allowed our students the opportunity to re-build social skills and boost their self-confidence. Supported by the Recovery Curriculum, adult led social and learning activities, designed to encourage communication and team work, provided pupils with a gentle re-introduction to school life.   

The scheme offered an important opportunity to support pupils’ wellbeing. A range of enrichment activities, team games, Gaming, STEM activities, sensory play and sports encouraged pupils to build relationships with peers and staff and familiarise themselves with the secondary environment, making the often tricky transition from primary a more  manageable experience.