Therapeutic Educational Plan

The TEP‘s at Heath Farm School was established and implemented from September 2019 to meet the needs of three groups of students;

  • Those joining the school who, because of period of disrupted attendance, or a significant history of school rejection, or a personal history of disruption and insecurity, could not immediately access full time attendance even at a small school such as ours due to their significant SEMH needs.
  • Those undergoing therapeutic or personal crisis who were jeopardising their school and sometimes care placement by their presenting behaviours, and who needed a ‘time out’ from the social and emotional pressures of school life.
  • Those reaching the end of their school placements who rejected formal schooling and were in danger of missing out on education during transition, or failing to gain appropriate accreditation.

We provide a TEP for those students who find it particularly difficult to cope within a classroom environment. This includes children who have had a much disrupted education, those who have experienced personal crisis and those who present particularly challenging behaviour. Our team develop a bespoke support package for each child, with highly focused one-to-one support, which includes both academic and therapeutic interventions. There is a strong emphasis on helping children who are part of the TEP to build strong, trusting relationships. The majority of students make significant progress and are able to reintegrate into the regular classroom environment at Heath Farm School or mainstream education if this would better meet the individual’s needs.

For the majority of students integration or reintegration into either Heath Farm School or another appropriate school provision is the focus of work. Our TEP approach provides a clear assessment which informs planning, which is supported by regular reporting to, and communication with, parents/carers and other involved professionals. TEP’s link closely to our admissions approach and support the EHCP holding authorities to ensure that clear information and support is available to inform planning.

For those joining Heath Farm School, TEP’s support personalised integration packages, which may involve part time attendance, part or full time attendance supported by Well-being team, teachers and mentors, initial attendance at social events etc. Each student therefore re-enters school life at the pace and in the way that best supports success for them as an individual.

The majority of pupils on TEP’s, make significant progress; they attend regularly, complete work and improve their academic standards; as a result their self-esteem is improved and they become more capable and independent learners. The well-being team is able to work with students throughout their stay at Heath Farm School, and this continuity of care confirms for them the progress they have made.

TEP students join the rest of the school for assemblies where their achievement is celebrated by the whole school community on a termly basis.